The Understated Luxury


Jewellery is an artistic signature that engraves its celestial touch on your heart forever. Crafting jewellery that may become the connection path for generations is inevitably more than a decorative article for your persona. Elara truly believes in it. 

Therefore, Elara creates jewellery for generations. Elara is an emerging fashion jewellery brand based in Singapore. It is constructing its name around the globe as a profound creator of the understated luxury. 

At Elara, you can explore a distinct side of Luxury jewellery. Here they believe in establishing a vigorous communion with their clients by delivering them the most alluring and prolific understated jewellery. 


Redefining Elegance with Understated Luxury


● The founder of Elara, Mr. Richard Y., nurtured his artistic designing excellence at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. 

● Being inspired by the 20th-century modern movement, Richard founded his jewellery brand with a purpose to craft something truly unique. 

● Doing the distinct and artistic from the rest is never easy. But Richard had different plans for it. He formed a piece of sculptural jewellery with a glimmer of understated luxury. 


● The very first collection of Elara Jewellery the Avant-Garde came into existence after conquering the path of designing challenges, constant experiments, and manufacturing feasibility. 

● Elara's new collection consisting of 3 earring designs in 18 carat Rose Gold was unveiled on 19th September. The price range for the collection was $380-$460.

● Base components of jewellery were crafted with industrial-quality stainless steel. This was used it provides the needed rigidity for the geometrical design. 


● Each component was accomplished in different finishes including stardust, brushed, and polished finishes. After the painstaking process; it was then laser welded to craft a sculptural piece. 

● Due to incomparable uniqueness, Elara jewellery received a scintillating acknowledgement since the time it was introduced for the very first time. 

● Elara has always given great importance to the entrusted belief of its clients. Being a credible Luxury jewellery brand, they always endeavour to create a sophistication wrapped in the layers of understated luxury.


● This voyage will remain forever to serve their clients with the most dazzling and distinctive understated jewellery.  


Always go the Extra Mile


Creating something incredibly unique is not just a matter of having artistic excellence and creative vision. It is also about confronting the odds and overcoming the fear of crafting something distinct from the usual. 

The design philosophy of Elara jewellery is the precise blend of intrinsic passion and modern movement. They believe in creating a masterpiece for generations, rather than making just another piece of jewellery. 

Every design is a sculptural piece and an outcome of years of designing, improvisation, and dedicated efforts to materialise it. The design stimulates a perennial natural appeal, geometrical probity, and authenticity. This is how Elara Jewellery gets connected with the modern movement and a foremost feel when someone wears it. 

All of their creations are a signature of crafting something different than the conventional approach. Elara endeavours to create authentic and unique masterpieces every time.   


Visionary Founder of Elara


Legendary achievements are hard to achieve in a day or two. It takes lots of hard work, fidelity, and a creative mindset. Richard's persona is geared up with all these proficiencies. Therefore, one can witness his devotion to giving absolute attention to detail in all his creations. He is eminent in the designing community for his utmost precision and creativity.


The charisma of the very first collection

The name of the very first collection was Avant-Garde, launched on 19th September 2020 in Singapore. The collection comprised of made-to-order 3 designs-

-Model 43-01

-Model 53-01

-Model 63-01


The design of this collection is inspired by the 20th-century modern movement that focuses on-

● Eradicating any decoration

● No usage of ornament 

● Embracing minimalism and functionalism

● Emphasizing pure forms


The smart selection of the jewellery base material makes it happen 

The structure and finishing of jewellery are equally significant as its design. Therefore, choosing the ideal material to craft the jewellery base can be the game-changer. At Elara, they did the same by choosing the grade 316L stainless steel to make the jewellery base for several components, and laser-welded them together to make a sculpture piece. 

Why Stainless steel?

Hypoallergenic quality of stainless steel made the geometrical and relatively slim structure possible. It is unlike the conventional silver and gold casting that deforms under extreme heat due to its exquisite dimensions. They learned by their constant efforts and dedication that ultimately gifted them with the right selection for their base material. 


Concluding Thoughts: Significance Personified


Elara jewellery is not just another addition to your collection. It's a communion that will open doors to embrace harmony. These stunning masterpieces are endowed with an understated luxury form. You are unique and so your jewellery. 

You will love its structural resilience, attention to detail, elegant appeal, and artistic excellence. The jewellery is available between the price range of $300-$500. 

Every Elara jewellery is hand-sculpted by their highly efficient artisans. They are dedicated to delivering a timeless beauty that magnifies the essence of an absolute artistic sentiment, and courage to craft something unique. 

If you are predetermined to be distinct from the rest, then here is a masterpiece for you. It's an understated luxury piece you would love to carry. Elara jewellery has emerged as a creator with a different vision.

A creator who believes in his designing ideologies and dares to transform them into reality. Creating jewellery for generations is his inspiration and his futuristic vision will stimulate the dawn of contemporary jewellery design methodologies. The time has come to go beyond the ordinary. 


Visit the new Avant-Garde collection here.




"To be modern is not a fashion, it is a state. It is necessary to understand history, and he who understands history knows how to find continuity between that which was, that which is, and that which will be". 



- Le Corbusier